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Nebula award winner Babel-17 for $1.99

Babel-17 by [Delany, Samuel R.]

Heads up, Samuel R. Delany’s Babel-17 is for sale on your Kindle for $1.99. Your purchase helps out Celestial Attic in a small way, and you get a GREAT read. Can a poet save the war effort, or will she see the humanity in her enemies? They say:

At twenty-six, Rydra Wong is the most popular poet in the five settled galaxies. Almost telepathically perceptive, she has written poems that capture the mood of mankind after two decades of savage war. Since the invasion, Earth has endured famine, plague, and cannibalism—but its greatest catastrophe will be Babel-17.

Sabotage threatens to undermine the war effort, and the military calls in Rydra. Random attacks lay waste to warships, weapons factories, and munitions dumps, and all are tied together by strings of sound, broadcast over the radio before and after each accident. In that gibberish Rydra recognizes a coherent message, with all of the beauty, persuasive power, and order that only language possesses. To save humanity, she will master this strange tongue. But the more she learns, the more she is tempted to join the other side . . .

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Samuel R. Delany including rare images from his early career.

Read Marie Vibbert for free!

dataCurious Fictions has local author Marie Vibbert’s story “The Time Mechanic” up for your enjoyment. This 4000-word, 15-minute read, story will give you a taste of her fiction and introduce you to Curious Fictions where you will find many other authors to enjoy.

Here’s how it begins…

My buddy asked me to pick up some real Prohibition moonshine for him, and I’m not a guy to turn down an opportunity to show off my time machine. I did a web search for photos and the found one labeled “Dogleg Lick, KY, 1928,” right over the thigh of a cop breaking bottles against a wagon. Kentucky had great whisky. I’d read that somewhere, or maybe it was an ad.

I’m just pointing out that this was a lark, a short jaunt – a trip to the store, if you will.