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Free Interactive Fiction Workshop!


Remember infocom? Remember the babel fish? I remember that *%^$#@ babel fish… If you, too, want to craft its like or work on more ambitious narratives for branching games of all sorts, then the Free Workshop Panel: Interactive Fiction at the Maelstorm Collaborative Arts/Theater Ninjas, Saturday, May 26 from 11 am to 1 pm is the place for you.


They say:

Dive into the twisting maze of interactive fiction design with this free workshop panel. We will discuss popular tools for writing Interactive Fiction, strategies for planning for branch narratives & multiple endings, and tips to avoid common pitfalls (aka how to not make your players/readers hate you)! Whether you are a coder, a writer, or a player who doesn’t want to be eaten by a grue, you’ll learn more about this fun and innovative genre that is more relevant than ever.

Panelists: Marie Vibbert, Mike Substelny, Steven Swiniarski
Moderator: Jeremy Paul

It’s FREE but, please RSVP for a free ticket at

Hope to see you there!

All workshops at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts are free or offered on a sliding scale, and donations are always accepted and appreciated to help keep our Monthly Workshop Series strong. Upcoming topics include Intro to Illustration (June), Contact Improv (July) and Immersive Performance (September).