Read Marie Vibbert for free!

dataCurious Fictions has local author Marie Vibbert’s story “The Time Mechanic” up for your enjoyment. This 4000-word, 15-minute read, story will give you a taste of her fiction and introduce you to Curious Fictions where you will find many other authors to enjoy.

Here’s how it begins…

My buddy asked me to pick up some real Prohibition moonshine for him, and I’m not a guy to turn down an opportunity to show off my time machine. I did a web search for photos and the found one labeled “Dogleg Lick, KY, 1928,” right over the thigh of a cop breaking bottles against a wagon. Kentucky had great whisky. I’d read that somewhere, or maybe it was an ad.

I’m just pointing out that this was a lark, a short jaunt – a trip to the store, if you will.



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