Terry Nation’s “Survivors,” Ep. 4 Corn Dolly


Terry Nation is probably best known for creating Dr. Who’s Daleks and American television’s McGuyver. He was also a prolific writer and creator of television for the BBC. “Survivors” is a series at least 30 years ahead of its time. It is the story of humanity after a world sweeping plague.  With episode 4, Corn Dolly, the emotional weight of the subject is addressed in chilling clarity. Abby Grant says, “Babies can’t have come through, not many small children. Even if we do survive, there will be a missing generation.” In one line, Terry Nation takes the series to emotional ground not even touched on television more than 40 years later. The emotional stakes, and the breadth of responses to the plague hit home.  For your enjoyment, Survivors Ep. 4, “Corn Dolly,” found on Youtube:


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