Atari Comics?

If you were the right age, or in the right fandoms in the mid 1980s, you probably saw a few of these. Well, let us take you back on a nostalgic journey with the help of Atari Age, your online source for all things Atari.

You can get many resources at the site including how-to guides, rarity lists covering the major cartridges, and little gems like the magazines, and even the comics dedicated to that unstoppable behemoth that was Atari. Shortly after publishing these gems, Atari, in fact, stopped. The micro computer and video game implosion of 1984 took it and many other systems down, clearing the way for Nintendo’s rise.

The comics though… These featured top flight writers and artists of the day like Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, George Perez, Dick Giordano, Gil Kane and Frank Ciricco.

You can read the comics here.



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