Butterflies on Barbed Wire – by Marie Vibbert

dataA 4000-ish word story from local author Marie Vibbert has popped up at curiousfictions.com. Vibbert has twenty-ish short stories published, a dozen poems and a few comics. You can learn more about her here.

The story begins:

          Damien goes to the front of the shop, a room papered in tattoo designs grouped in large chunks – animals to the left, tribal designs to the right, lettering and fonts all along the top, and in-between things squeezed here and there. Up high on one wall where children won’t be able to get to it is a flap that says “This tattoo is free” covering a shot of a guy’s dick with a tiger on it. It’s been up there since before Damien was born and no one has ever taken them up on the offer. He doesn’t know if the tat was done in this shop or is one of those pictures passed around and around the internet.

An older woman stands eyeing the flap dubiously. She has a leather briefcase hugged to her chest like school books, and this makes her seem younger, but he can see the grey under her red hair dye. “Can I help you?” Damien asks.

She smiles a sales rep smile. As she turns he sees an animated LED tattoo, a lizard crawling around and around her right wrist. “I see you don’t yet carry Flexi-Print.”

“No ma’am,” Damien says. “We’re just a tattoo shop.”

“Flexi-Print is the state of body art today. You’re behind the times.”

Damien points to the “No Solicitors” sign. “I’d sure love to talk, ma’am, but I’ve got a customer.” The comforting buzz of Grandpa’s tattooing in the room behind makes him obviously a liar.

Read more at: https://curiousfictions.com/stories/562-marie-vibbert-butterflies-on-barbed-wire

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