Just how weird was the Mindharp of Sharu?


William Schmidt – Star Wars Tumblr (https://goo.gl/b1d3BK)

Over at IO9, James Whitbrook takes a look at the weirdness that is The Mindharp of Sharu. Despite being an odd duck, it did add to the Star Wars canon and gives us our only glimpse at the time when Lando owned the Falcon. Until Solo gets here and fixes that, we can enjoy Whitbrook’s peek.

He says:

It’s funny to think that, in a novel which otherwise seems to barely even understand either Lando or the Star Wars galaxy at large, tiny details from it have sprung forth and taken root in the franchise all these years later.

Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu Is One of the Weirdest Star Wars Stories Ever Told

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