Cleveland’s Genre-Themed Hangouts


Cleveland Scene takes a walk on the geeky side with a review of a few of Cleveland’s genre-themed hangouts. You’ll fins some of these under the “geek bars” link at the top of

They say:

Cleveland is a subculture in and of itself, so it’s no wonder that the city’s geek community has continued to grow since the successes of Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe made it socially acceptable for people to let their geek flags fly. The strength of fandom lies in the sense of commonality and, luckily, Cleveland is home to a multitude of sanctuaries for anyone yearning for a safe and geeky place to call their own.

We’ve compiled a guide to the best in Cleveland’s genre-themed bars and hangouts — and matched them with the most apt Street Fighter II character we could think of because, much like choosing a character for a video game, each of these establishments has its own strengths and weaknesses — to help you unleash your inner geek, because there’s never been a better time to let it out.

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