Celestial Attic Podcast – April 30, 2018

FCBDImaginary Worlds

512celestialatticIt’s a light day for the geek calendar, so we have time to check in with Josh Harlan, the co-owner of Imaginary Worlds along with Eric Begin. This weekend is Free Comic Book Day, and that is a very special day for Imaginary Worlds. They will be celebrating their third anniversary. You can find them at 13446 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio across from Melt and Critical Hit Games.

220px-Changes_in_Astounding_SF_and_Analog_SF_title_layour_in_1960We also have time for a quick look at Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, more commonly just called Analog. It is a venerable flagship of the print science fiction world. We look at its deep history and birth as Astounding in 1930.  This month’s issue features a short story by Cleveland’s own Marie Vibbert, so I thought I’d talk it up. You can read her story, “The Willing Body, the Reluctant Heart” in the May/June 2018 issue of Analog, on newsstands now.


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Analog Science Fiction

Astounding Science Fiction at Archive.org

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