Carol & John’s Comic Shop FCBD lineup announced.

Jim-Steranko-portrait-coversCarol & John’s Comic Shop’s free comic book day event has evolved into something of a micro convention featuring lots of great local talent, custom prints, discounted comics, costumes, and, of course, the free comic books. This year, they are flying Jim Steranko out for the event.

The celebrating starts Friday Night from 10 pm until 2 am. A special midnight drop includes a free $24.99 hardcover, Either Spider-man Season One or Hulk Season One, but before then, you will be entertained by a pop-up bar, the cosplayers flocking to the Rubber City Cosplay booth, or special treats from the Burning River Baking Company.

The next morning, things ramp up again with Steranko autographing and numerous local artists sketching and signing in shifts.

Artists from 10 am to 2 pm:

Ashley Ribblett – Sequoia Bostick – Ryan Finley – Amalia Degirolamo – Sergio Andujar – Brian Gleine – Dave Wendt – Dee Piotrowski – Damian James – Lisastarchild Pinkston – Tom Szorady – Phil Fried – Chris Schmidt – Jeff Ritchie – Rick Sans – Robert Walland – Ryan Kacsandy – Shawny Walthaw – Taylor Reyes

Artists from 2 pm to 6 pm:

Ashley Ribblett – Amalia Degirolamo – Brian Gleine – Chris Schmidt – Dee Piotrowski – Lisastarchild Pinkston – Phil Fried – Rick Sans – Robert Walland – Ryan Kacsandy – Ryan Finley – Sergio Andujar – Steve King – Taylor Reyes – Tom Szorady – Sequoia Bostick

It’s really a massive event. Check it out here.

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