Bring Back the Spinner Rack!

Jim Demonakos is on a quest to bring back the classic spinner rack. His Kickstarter campaign would bring solid, heavy duty spinner racks back onto the market. Thanks to Cleveland comic book fan Phil Gregory for the tip.

From the Kickstarter:

The Classic Spinner Rack was born from my desire to create something that evoked nostalgia while also being functional and cool!

Because of that idea, I made sure that The Classic Spinner Rack has amazing features:

  • Heavy Duty – Made in the USA from high grade steel which has been powder coated and is rust-free
  • Whisper Quiet – Extra large ball bearings help spin the rack smoothly and quietly
  • Large Pockets – Designed to hold comics that are Silver Age size, modern size, in or out of bags/boards, trade paperbacks, small hardcovers and more. The pockets are over 7″ wide and .75″ deep
  • Sturdy & Strong – The 12″ base makes for a small profile but a strong base that supports the weight of the comics, and won’t tip over
  • Classic Sign Topper – The innovative 4-sleeve topper includes retro inspired signs designed by JG Roshell of Comicraft
  • Color Choice – The rack is available in either black or white so you can choose what works best for your space

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