twitterimageSo in September, there will be this really amazing weekend of D&D and adventure in Hinckley, OH. It’s called the Festival in the Forest and space is limited. People travel from all over the world to participate. It’s part camping trip, part larp, lots of fun. Today,  April 16 at 12 pm, a 30-day countdown begins where previous attendees can buy tickets for next year. After that, tickets go on sale for the general public. Mark your calendars.

Here’s how the weekend typically goes:

Orientation to the weekend activities starts around 7:00PM and it includes an introduction from the host, introductions of the dozen or more Dungeon Masters, and introductions of the ‘Live NPCs’ that will provide hints, clues, healing, and other help between your gaming sessions!  Players will then head off for their first gaming session that introduces them in the latest chapter of adventure!  Later that evening, you will all be welcomed into the Forest Inn and Tavern for hours of live entertainment and fun!

On Saturday, players wake up to a great catered breakfast and share with other players what they learned from their adventures the night before.  They then start their next set of adventures for the day.  Breaks occur between each session so players can collaborate, share, and put together more clues from other comrades in arms.  these clues are often used to help them in the upcoming sessions.  Lunch and dinner are also catered between sessions, and the Forest Inn and Tavern opens up once the lat session is over for more stories, interactions with NPCs and other players.  This time is used to prep players for the adventures to come the next day!

On Sunday, players will be served breakfast and have some encouraging talks by the DMs to set the stage for the climactic session of the weekend!  learn what you can, team up with the players who can make your party the strongest, and work with other parties to win the day!  Lunch is served on Sunday as well!

On Sunday afternoon, the closing ceremonies take place.  The players learn of what they have accomplished and what dangers still lurk for next year!  Players pack up after the closing ceremony and head home.

Keep checking their facebook page and website for details.


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